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October 6, 2017

A message from Jeff.

If you’ve spent any time on our website, you’ll notice that our message is a little different than you will see on other printers’ websites.

You will see words like Integrity, Solutions, Real People-Real Relationships, and Alternatives. These words may not mean much just printed, but when you find out how we actually work, these words will set us apart from anyone you have ever worked with.

You see, we are not like most companies in our space. The way we approach a client relationship is truly unique in that we go far beyond just producing and mailing marketing materials for you. We get to know you and provide a level of “over-the-top personal service that is rare these days”. We build friendships!

I started this company in 1992, in my basement. At that time, I didn’t have any employees, equipment, or even an office. I had a desk, a phone, and a file cabinet.

I had nothing to offer but my own personal commitment to the customer. So that is what I focused on.

I operated under two basic axioms.

  1. I returned all phone calls in 60 minutes or less.
  2. I did what I said I was going to do – 100% of the time.

This sounds really great, and a lot of people may make similar promises, but I actually did execute on these promises – 100% of the time and I still do it today.

As my company grew, we built our culture around the same philosophy. We know that if we don’t have happy customers, we don’t have a business. We know that to keep customers happy, we have to be better, faster, and smarter than our competition.

We know that forming close personal friendships is critical to our success. We treat our customers and their company as if it were our own company. Their pain is our pain. Their wins are our wins. Our goal is to eliminate as much pain as possible in areas we can influence, and win together.

We only ask that you try us out. Give us one project and let us prove that everything I say is true. We think you will find it will be one of the best experiences you’ve ever had when it comes to a true business partnership.

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