What’s with the Frog?

"GC-the-Frog" is our mascot. We came up with this idea years ago in order to add a little humor and interest to our marketing materials. We found that our clients began to remember us with comments such as "you guys are that company with the frog!" But there is more to the frog than just as fun little image. When it came time to create a website, www.gcfrog.com just seemed natural.

GC Frog is a little fellow with a big job. He has to survive, compete and thrive- just like American businesses. GC Frog is uniquely equipped to do just that. He uses color, like the tree frog that he is, to signal his presence, his individuality, and to ward off predators.

GC Frog helps us bring your attention to important parts of our business. Sometimes he's there to remind you of the value of print or of logo apparel and promotional items. Sometimes he's just there to make you laugh.

Frogs, like many businesses, go through many unique stages as they travel from tadpole to frog. Frogs demonstrate incredible flexibility; they are adaptable.; they evolve.

Frogs begin their lives in water and end up living in both water and dry land. Tree frogs go even further, reaching for higher elevations.

Our company shares so many of the same characteristics with our mascot GC Frog-
• Flexibility- to choose the right equipment to produce your work efficiently;

•Adaptability -the ability to support your logo in different environments- print, embroidery, promotional products,

• Reliability- We began as a small company with 2 employees and 300 sq feet of space. GCG has been serving the community for over 20 years, we have acquired other business who have been serving even longer than that. We are survivors and we can help you do the same.

And… we're colorful too!


I will always use Graphic Connections because they have the three things I need: consistent and outstanding quality, fantastic customer service, and competitive rates. Thank you Jeff, Karen and Heidi!
Amanda K. Stefansson - Director of Marketing
VIP Corporate Housing