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1 GROUPTHINK Isn’t “Accurate Think”   <p>I was listening to a podcast last week by a prominent radio personality, and he made a point thatread more...
<p>We just celebrated 30 years in business on April 1, 2022. Yes, April Fools Day. But it’s no foolin’ that it was 30 years agoread more...
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GCG Grows Again & Acquires REIVault powered by REIPrintMail <p>Typically, this newsletter gives you exciting and often unusual tips to succeed in your life andread more...
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Cows Don’t Give Milk <p>A father used to say to his children when they were young: When you all reach the age of 12 Iread more...
June 15, 2022

Use Webinars to Sell Remotely

Use Webinars to Sell Remotely <p>We use Keep (Formerly Infusionsoft), for marketing automation. That includes a CRM database, email marketing, task reminders, and marketing tracking. It
June 8, 2022

Write Thank You Notes to your No’s

Write Thank You Notes to your No’s <p>If you are a regular reader of this newsletter, I am sure by now you have figured out that
December 16, 2020

Lessons from FAT CAMP

Lessons from FAT CAMP Above is a pic taken of me on the last day of a 2 week stint at “fat camp”. That journey has
December 9, 2020

Keeping a Healthy Perspective on Social Media to Keep a Positive Outlook

It seems like our country is more divided than any other time in our country’s history. Given this appears to be the case, it’s difficult not