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Can your book sell for you?


Yes it can. Your book can also work as a consultant, an educator, a public relations provider and a member of your marketing team. A business book that provides valuable information that your clients and prospects need can rightly be considered one of your employees.

A useful book has a long shelf life in the hands of the reader who needs the information you have provided. Your book has the potential to engage a prospective client for a much longer period of time than an individual salesperson can. It can also help to establish your reputation as an expert in your field.

Your book can be a give-away that creates a value added experience for your customers. It can be a workbook for patients in your practice who need support and information. It can be a history of your company with examples of your work that attracts the attention of the large clients you want to impress. Books are seen as items of value.

Make sure your book looks as good as its competitors in the marketplace. You are a professional, and your book should be too.


-As you prepare your manuscript, plan for an index, a glossary, and a bibliography. Adding an index at the last minute can be time consuming and costly. Working on a glossary as you write the book will help you recognize when you are using industry terms and acronyms that may not be as familiar to your reader as it is to you. Your bibliography need not be long but it should direct your readers to more information that will support the information you have provided.

-Find someone you trust in your industry to proof your book since they are more likely to detect discrepancies that your competitors will pounce on.

-It is also useful to have someone who is new to the information you are presenting review the book to point out areas that you have not explained well.

-If you will be using very detailed charts or graphs, consider using a book format that will show them to their best advantage (8.5 x 11 would be a good choice).

-Be very mindful of the copyright laws that will restrict the amount of material you may copy from other sources.