Design and Layout Essentials


If your files are NOT PRESS READY, Our experienced team of book designers are available for several different levels of service:


At all levels of service, the Author must supply:

Text: Front cover information (title, subtitle, accurate author’s name or pseudonym, illustrator’s name)
Back cover information (about the author, recommendations by others, about the book)

Graphics: Your photo for the back cover, front cover image, ISBN barcode graphic (the barcode can also be purchased from GCG)


GCG’s Designers will supply one press-ready cover design for you.

Graphics: The Author supplies a preferred high resolution photo or illustration for the front cover that is royalty free, (and that you have copyright permission to use) and your photo for the back cover. Note: see our information about copyrights to illustrations and photos, public domain and model release in RESOURCES.


Our designers will provide appropriate, royalty-free stock illustrations or photos, choose appropriate type faces and prepare two press-ready cover designs for you to choose from. Minor revisions may be requested.


Our staff will contact you by phone or email (your preference) to discuss your vision for the cover for your book, preferences in style, etc. Our designers will then supply three rough design concept options for you to choose from. At this point you may request significant alterations, text revisions, etc.

When the rough concept has been approved, a final press-ready version of your cover will be supplied first as a PDF and then as a printed version so that you may have an accurate version of the color involved (Please see our notes about color in RESOURCES.)


At all levels of service, the author must supply:

Manuscript files in a standard word processing format such as MS Word dic, rtf or text. Non-standard files require a separate quote from the design department. Submitted files should be the final version of the book, fully edited and carefully proofread BEFORE the formatting process begins.

Basic Layout

Our staff will maintain your basic styling for font choices, paragraphs, and chapter headings. We will add necessary front matter pages (e.g. title page, copyright page, contents), necessary blank pages, appropriate page numbering and running heads when requested.


Our staff choose basic styling for font choices, paragraph styles, chapter headings, running heads if appropriate, photo and illustration placement, indented copy and appendices, etc. We will add necessary front matter pages (e.g. title page, copyright page, contents), necessary blank pages, and page numbering.

Custom Design

This option is for books containing a high level of ornamentation, illustrations, pull quotes or unique layout requirements. It will also apply to situations where a continuous document for the manuscript is not available.