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We are happy to give you a price estimate, but we want to be sure we have considered all the factors before we do so. There is a lot more to producing a self-published book than meets the eye. In order to give you an accurate estimate of the cost to produce your book, we need detailed information.

At GCG Publishing, we do a lot more than just print the file you upload to our site. We review your file before we do anything to make sure that the end product is going to print properly. We send hardcopy proofs (an actual book sample) to you so you can see and feel the actual print quality before you approve it for printing.


What information does the estimate require?

The cost to print a book from a press ready file is computed by considering the following factors:

Size of the book

Number of black and white pages (including the blank pages)

Number of color pages

Type of paper for the body of the book

Type of cover stock

Cover finish (Uncoated, UV Coated, Matte Lamination, Gloss Lamination)

Binding Method (Perfect, Saddle Stitch, Coil, Hardbound)

Quantity to Print

The estimate we will provide includes basic preflight services, a soft proof (PDF online), and one sample book delivered to you prior to printing for everything but hardcover books.

Shipping costs of the printed books will be based on the size and weight of the books, speed of delivery needed and where the books are to be shipped.

If your manuscript is not press-ready, GCG offers formatting and design services that will be quoted based on the manuscript received.

Note: Do not worry about your copyright. As soon as you put your ideas in a tangible form (the file you send us), you have established your ownership of the material submitted. Anything you send is kept completely confidential and is only used for evaluating what it will take to produce your book and give you an accurate estimate. It will never be distributed in any way to anyone other than the estimator.

To receive an estimate:

Please call 800-378-0378 to speak to one of our Publishing Consultants.

Or fill out the email form below.