“GCG Digital Publishing did a thoroughly expert job in printing my Vietnam War novel, Song Ba To. The quality of the printing was top of the line, the price was right and their staff were professional and extremely helpful. The result is a fine printed work that has received compliments from readers and booksellers alike. My first printing sold out and I had GCG do a second printing as well.”
Drew Mendelson, Author
Song Ba To

“GCG Digital Publishing Company has been a company that has met my every need in self-publishing two of my books, Ministry Behind Closed Doors and Networking Through Godly Connections. My two books were printed in ‘excellent quality,’ and they were also shipped in a timely manner. The quality of communication is excellent. and the people who work there have proven to me that they take much pride, in providing great services to their customers. I truly appreciate this company! Thumbs up to GCG Digital Publishing!”
Arlivia White, Author
Ministry Behind Closed Doors
Networking Through Godly Connections

“People literally all over the world have said time and again what a gorgeous book Endangered Alphabets is, an acclaim that is a tribute to the work of GCG Digital Publishing. It is a fairly complex book with highly designed pages and an insert of coated-stock pages of color photography, but GCG has handled the challenge well and I’ve never had cause to doubt my decision to use them.
Tim Brookes, Author
Endangered Alphabet

“My experience with the GCG staff was helpful, encouraging, and educational. GCG helped me publish my first book, Guide to Genealogical and Historical Research in Kansas. I especially appreciate Jill Mettendorf who answered dozens of ‘first time publisher’ questions and introduced me to a graphic designer who translated my ideas into just the cover art I wanted. I was very please with the finished product!”
Mary Clement Douglass, Author
Guide to Genealogical and Historical Research in Kansas

“My experience with GCG was great! Jill is professional, knowledgeable, and very efficient. My project was completed on time, with far superior materials, and at half the cost of ‘the other guy.’ I highly recommend GCG for any publishing project. They deliver a quality product at a great price.”
Melissa Campbell, Author
Dental Assisting National Board Review

“Great value and a great looking book!!”
Mitchell A. Josephs DDS, Author
Tooth Talk

“Maxine McGinnis who wrote and published Endless Deception will certainly use GCG again. They do a professional and fabulous job for a reasonable rate. I will recommend them to anyone wishing their book to be professionally done.”
Maxine McGinnis, Owner
Buy The Book, a small bookstore in Fort Mohave, Arizona.

“Working with GCG Digital Publishing was a pleasure. They took me through the publishing process with ease, offering expert advice and superb technical support. They responded quickly to my inquiries, worked diligently to meet my deadlines and were always warm, friendly and extremely helpful. I highly recommend them to anyone with publishing need.”
Marilyn Ellis, Author
Tips for Moving Seniors

“Working with GCG has simplified the self-publishing and printing process for me. The quality is top notch. Thanks GCG for helping to expand and grow my business.”
Melinda Iverson Inn Author,
Becoming Your Own Intuitive Healer
The Spirit of Dowsing

“I was very satisfied with the whole process. The conversations and the correspondence was excellent. The book printing was excellent. I will continue using GCG Digital Publishing.”
Eleanor Wright, Author
Megan’s Christmas GCGcle

“I’m very happy with the books GCG printed for me, and I’ve found them to be a friendly and responsive team. I intend to continue to use their services.”
Bob Megantz, Author
Design and Construction of Tube Guitar Amplifiers

“In May of 2008, I self-published my first book through an online publisher. A year later with a few books under my belt I was feeling the printing cost pinch. In May of 2009, I received a little postcard in the mail from a company called GCG Digital Publishing. I called the number on the card. A lovely voice on the other end of the line assured me that GCG could save me money.

I emailed them a PDF of a little book called Michael O’Brien and the Magic Hat. They were right, the price was right. Not only did they match the quality of the other online printer, they saved me a lot of money. I ordered copies of that book and every book since (19 titles to date and counting.)

My experience with GCG has been a positive one. I keep up to date on what is going on in the printing community. At one point, I solicited bids from local printers. No one could, or would match GCG’s price and quality.”
PJ Cowan, Author

“Working with Jill at GCG Digital Publishing was a ‘breeze.’ It was my 1st foray into a formal ‘publication.’ They were incredibly helpful, professional, and everything went off without a hitch. Great quality products at THE most reasonable prices. Go for it!”
Michael Oakland, Author
Coffee Hour

“My name is Otis D. Ritch. I am a Choctaw Indian author & leather artist. I am in the process of publishing a nine book series of novels. I have had five of them printed by GCG Digital Publishing and they have done an excellent job for me. They exercise patience and expert craftmanship in getting the novels formatted like I want them to look. They are to be commended as a fine printing & publishing company. I especially am pleased with the efforts of Jill Mettendorf who I worked with in publishing my novels. Their prices are reasonable and their quality is excellent.”
Otis Ritch, American Indian Author & Leather Artist

“Thank you for printing my book for me. It is truly a World Class finish and binding of my book. Also, I appreciated the speed in printing my book. I also appreciate your great Cover Design and Layout that you did for me. You made the Publishing of my book effortless on my part. You and your staff have the best customer service skills; you made this process quick and easy for me.”
Thank you so much.
Brad Rhoton, Author
Find A Job-Super Fast

“…there are other POD publishers who charge for so many extras it wasn’t feasible for me.”
“…with some of them, you must use their ISBN as they are now the publisher. And you have to buy additional books at whatever price they are charging. With GCG I could use my own ISBN number. I am still the publisher, GCG is the printer.”
“Just go with GCG in the first place to save yourself time and headaches. Also, by using GCG’s digital storefront, you can link to it in your own marketing efforts so people can order direct. Overall it’s a good deal.”
“…I wish you an easier time of it than we had. It was all really a challenge, but I got the book out there finally by finding the right printer: GCG Digital Publishing.”
Merridy Jeffrey, Author
Black Rocks and Cold Wind – Surviving the Good Old Days

“My experience with GCG Digital Publishing was exceptional from first to last. The GCG bid was competitive, contact with the sales representative was constant, the few problems to occur were immediately resolved to full satisfaction, and the product is of high quality. When our next publication is ready to move from development to production, I will be contacting GCG first.”
Art Petersen, Editor
Klondike Research

“I chose GCG to be the publishing provider of my book ‘Changing People Changing Dogs’ positive solutions for working with dogs. They were easy to work with, prompt and on schedule with all they have done for me.
We have reprinted a number of times and plan on doing another printing soon.”
Dee Ganley, Author
Changing People Changing Dogs

“GCG has the production capabilities that many others simply do not have, and I am happy I found them. I also like that they are in the heartland of America, and though they are half a country away, it is the same country! I have used GCG Digital Publishing to print a book that many other printers told me they could not do; a mix of color and black & white pages, in a landscape format. The illustrations and drawings are a major component of the book and it simply has to feel high quality, while affordable.
I am into my third printing with this book and planning a fourth in the near future. They have done it affordably, with very little fuss, and when there were problems these were addressed professionally and promptly. I am grateful to have found GCG and recommend them to others looking to print a quality, affordable book.”
Heidi Bohan, Author& Illustrator
The People of Cascadia

“My opportunities for publishing opened widely when I discovered GCG Digital Publishing. I started working with them in June 2011 and have been very happy with their personalized service and final product. Their product managers and technicians go out of their way to please, and their artists are inspired. As a result I am now working on my third book with them.”
Robert Kohn, Author
PSYCHOMACHIA or The Fight for Mansoul
New Close Readings of
The Crying of Lot 49
Radiance and Secrecy in Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead
A Darwinian Reading of Bill Kohn’s Painting

“GCG Digital Publishing has been a godsend to me. I am a newbie with actually printing what I have written. They have assisted me in most everything I needed to get from idea, start to finish!
My husband, Robert Haug, and I completed a book titled Bamboozled and Outmaneuvered – He Says…She Says…UNCENSORED, and then I wrote another, 90-Pound Heavyweight, the story of my mother, Janet Barnes, who is the world record longest living quadriplegic. Without Jill this might never have made it. I needed patient help and they provided it. I also create what I call ‘mini-books’ in a variety of topics and venues (these required special printing and trim) because of their help and patience you will be seeing many more of these as well as an original anthology, One Foot In Front of the Other, An Unliterary Anthology of Poetry, Words and Thoughts, which spans five decades of writing.
Once again I am convinced I received the most cooperation and patience on earth from this fine business. Thank you! GCG”
Angela Barnes, Author
Heart Spoken Words;
Bamboozled and Outmaneuvered – He Says…She Says…UNCENSORED;
A Touch of Beauty: Flowers;
A Touch of Beauty: Ice Crystal Delights
A Glimpse of India;
90-Pound Heavyweight

“GCG Digital Publishing was instrumental in helping me bring my vision to life. From being patient with my initial questions, to providing guidance and suggestions, to being exceptionally responsive to my needs, to delivering the finished product before my deadline, and afterward with their continuing support, they have been a partner in this process. GCG’s experience and expertise shows from the very beginning. As for their quality, that comes home every time one of my customers picks up one of my books, holds it and smiles. The books look great and I am proud to offer them for sale.”
David Schneider, Author
Sojournic Tales

“GCG Digital Publishing blew all my previous negative expectations of Internet publishing. They gave me detailed personal help and were friendly and flexible. GCG went to great lengths to meet my deadline needs. I have used other online companies where mechanized, impersonal and rigid methods were the norm. Not so at GCG. They make you feel they are the print shop next door while delivering state of the art excellence.”
Anne Allanketner, Author
Spells of Mending

“My experience with GCG Digital Publishing has been wonderful. They have been very professional, courteous and timely. No headaches, just straight business. Their quality is also excellent. I was pleasantly pleased with the outcome.”
Elizabeth Truong, Author
Sara & Geoffrey – Adventures to Save the World

“GCG was great at answering my questions both before and after my book was put together and printed, and securing an ISBN# was easy. On top of that, the quality of the service and product more than met my expectations, from the recommendations about page size to how the text and illustrations looked when printed to the sturdiness and sleekness of the cover.”
Rebecca Collins, Author
My Love Can Carry You

“I loved working with GCG! Everyone I worked with helped to make the publishing of my first book an excellent experience! The quality of my book was outstanding! I will continue to work with them on my next books!”
Anita M. Brooks, Author
180 Degrees The Revolution

“I searched high and low for a responsive, affordable and diligent digital printer. Thank Zeus for GCG Digital Publishing! I’ve found their customer service far superior to others I have used. And the price is lower for the graphic anthologies that I print. Plus the quality of output is rock-solid, which makes GCG a win-win-win for my Heske Horror books. If you want value, quality and service, GCG is the smart choice.”
Bob Heske, Author
Managing Director, Heske Horror
Award-winning Anthologies: Bone Chiller, 2012: Final Prayer

“I have enjoyed working with GCG Digital Publishing throughout the years. Not only has the staff exhibited exceptional professionalism and efficiency, but also the finished product has always exceeded my expectations.”
Dr. C. Fontenet, Author
The Walk That Cannot Be Denied

“GCG has been great to work with and I wouldn’t want to have to deal with any other publisher! The quality they provide is superior to their competitors as exemplified by the error-free study guides I receive from them in every order. Now that I’m on file and a repeat customer, I can get my study guides within two weeks, which makes it easy to maintain a 100% order fulfillment on my end.
Oh, and I can’t forget about their prices! With money as tight as it is these days, I did my due diligence before deciding to give GCG my business. After hours of research, I went with GCG because they are a cost leader in the publishing industry. I have not regretted this decision for a minute and look forward to many more years of doing business with them!”
Alex Carey, Author
The Tax Squad, Tax Preparer Study Guide For a Registered Tax Return Preparer

“GCG produced my first, high quality, full color book and introduced me to the world of publishing. I am grateful for the professional assistance GCG provides at every stage of the process.”
Trudy Sauri, Author
Gift of Yucatan

“Great work. Excellent customer service. Thank you”
Michael L Curtis, D.M.D., Author
Dental SecretsRevealed! Endodontics
Dental SecretsRevealed! Financing and Collecting
Dental SecretsRevealed! Fees and Case Acceptance
100s of Pearls On Anesthesia & Pain Relief

“My experience with GCG has been ‘ideal’ – exemplary customer service and on time delivery – thanks GCG.”
Nasim Ahmad, Author
Educational Charts and Aids

“Recommended by someone I met at a party. As far as I am concerned word-of-mouth is the best referral because the other person has had a positive and satisfying experience. I was 100% satisfied with the results of working with the staff at GCG. I found each person to be knowledgeable, professional, and with their assistance we achieved the end result I had imagined. When I complete my next book, I will definitely use GCG to publish it.
Even though I was a novice in the world of self-publishing, the staff made it so easy and effortless with their step-by-step approach. Thanks to all of you at GCG!”
Marti Soler, Author
Whispers of the Soul: Reflections on Love, Loss & Healing

“Get Fit For Life, LLC is a health and wellness information company dedicated to help individuals attain one of life’s greatest gifts – better health. Through information disseminated by means of books, articles and the Internet we strive to assist others in focusing on their personal health and wellness needs and support them in making appropriate changes to improve their quality of life. To assist us in providing a quality product we have selected GCG Digital Publishing to produce our book, Getting Back to Basics – What Your Doctor Wanted to Tell You…but Didn’t Have the Time. GCG Digital Publishing has consistently provided superior customer service and book production – at a very competitive price.”
Barry Stein, Author
Getting Back to Basics – What Your Doctor Wanted to Tell You…but Didn’t Have the Time.

“I was finally getting close to completing the writing of my human resources book and workbook. I wanted to self-publish my book, but I needed a company to do the printing. A friend of mine said he has used GCG Digital Publishing for several of his books and is very happy with the service. I took his recommendation. This was my first book to actually be in the printed format. I really didn’t know what steps would be involved. From the first call to GCG, they have exceeded my expectations. Jill took the time to explain the entire process and walk me through it step-by-step. I am very satisfied with the final product. Customer service was exceptional. Price was competitive. They are selling my book/workbook on their website. I recommend GCG for your publishing needs. I would certainly use GCG again for my future publishing needs.”
John M. Turner, Ph.d., Author
The Employee Hiring Process: Who Are You Hiring?

“Not only the product, but also the service that I have received from GCG Digital Publishing, has been excellent. They follow through when they make a commitment. The books I’ve had them print have been well-done with tight spines and well-laminated covers. Communications with GCG Digital Publishing have been much more than just satisfactory. I have been very pleased to do business with them.”
Michael A. Herr, Author
The Kohala Coast Mystery Series

“GCG Digital Publishing is my printer of choice, and has produced almost a dozen high quality books for my clients over the years. I can always rely on GCG for an excellent, finished product that makes my authors (and me!) look good. The staff is friendly and helpful, and they work hard to meet each deadline.”
Marnie Sperry
Mary Anne Conmy, Author Bits and Pieces of My Life
Denis Wagner, Author My Ducks and Other Poems
Illia Thompson, Author Along the Memoir Way
Mercer Larson, Author The Path Home and White Oak Landing
Tom Light, Author The Inaugural Years
May Waldroup, Author Scrambled Eggs

“Having had a rather unpleasant experience with a previous publisher, I must admit to being thoroughly satisfied with the professionalism, pricing, flexibility and timeliness that the GCG Digital Publishing team has provided. Every aspect of my book publishing process – from sales to production – has been absolutely smooth sailing. They saved me – both time and money…and from cover to cover, my book looks great! Thank you, GCG…for turning my dream into a reality…and for doing it with a smile.”
Shianne Q. Marchman, Author
Two 45’s…In The Midst

“GCG recently published two family history/genealogy books for me and I couldn’t be more pleased. They are a pleasure to work with and I have recommended them to fellow authors and friends. The quality and price for their work has exceeded my expectations and I will contact them when my next book is ready for publication. I have used other publishers for my previous books therefore I have prior experience for comparison.”
Robert William Mellberg, Author
Seven Orphans
The Brown Chronicles
Missouri Proud
A Grandfathers Dream of Fair Women

“I highly recommend GCG Digital Publishing for all your publishing needs. This is actually very easy for me to do because their services and product quality are so awesome. They are proof that old-fashioned caring and excellence in service still exist, all coupled with the latest technology, of course. They are high-tech with a personal touch. Wonderful to work with. I recently published an inspirational book, by myself, titled My Help Cometh From The Lord. They made it easy and more than delivered as promised. What’s especially noteworthy is that just a few years ago, this type of production wouldn’t have been possible, but it now is. And their pricing…absolutely reasonable – I almost wanted to tip them! The book has been well received and I will soon have them do another larger run.”
Pastor Steve Ost, Author
My Help Cometh From The Lord

“My book My Soul Sings Jesus was my first attempt to self-publish. I researched many companies and actually chose another company only to be sorely disappointed toward the end of my project and had to abandon it. GCG was recommended to me by someone from my church who had great success with them; and so did I. If I were to choose the one thing that meant the most to me it was the personal attention. Their professionalism and patience with my lack of knowledge about a lot of things, not only publishing, but formatting my book, meant a lot to me. In addition it was all quite affordable. I have received many compliments on the finished product. I am about to complete my second book and it will be GCG who will assist me with its production and success. Thank you GCG”
Rev. Mattie Cridell, Author
My Soul Sings Jesus

“My experience with GCG Digital Publishing was simply great. Much better than any other company I contacted in my search for a quality Printer/Publisher. I found the contact people easy to work with and very helpful. The quality of the final product was what really sold me, though. The colors of the cover were better than expected by far. Of equal importance to me were the internal illustrations for my book that were essential to my message. I had 38 illustrations and the quality and contrast were excellent. I could not have hoped for anything better.”
Michael Phelan, Author
Why You Should CARE: What Happens When You Do

“I am self-publishing at this time and have used many other companies. This is the only one that quickly gets on the phone. They make changes without question and provide services such as including a CD in the book at my request. All the other companies said ‘We will send you the book and you can put the CD in there.’
How can I drop ship if that’s the case? I am now going to start an advertizing campaign and its nice to know GCG will provide as needed.”
Dennis L Lukes, Author
Lukes Orthography, the Spell Finder

“As a nonprofit that publishes a book each year on a tight production schedule, we were delighted to discover GCG Digital Publishing, which has consistently delivered a high quality product – on time – at an economical price.”
Fran Hamilton and Connie McIntyre, Co-Directors
The Grannie Annie Family Story Celebration

“I have worked closely with GCG Digital Publishing for years, on projects like books for kids, small novels and even a hardcover edition of a 300,000 word 580 page epic volume I call KHING. It sells on Amazon as a Kindle download and as my own Hardcover (GCG’s book) offering. People have always commented on the quality of the printed pieces… even my wife has asked where I have my work printed. I tell everybody GCG Digital Publishing. The people at GCG have taken such great care of me that I feel like my Project Manager and Sales/Marketing Manager are family. They offer great discounts on everything…from reprints to ebooks to whatever a print buyer could need. I’ve shopped around (an earlier print of Khing cost me twice as much!) and found that their pricing literally can’t be beat. GCG keeps me in stores (Linder in Brazil is in the Birdwatcher in Julian) and keeps me on Amazon as a seller of hardcopies. With their quality and superb service, my back, as a writer, is always covered, for all my printing needs. THANKS GCG!”
William A. Patrick III, Author
Khing, Linder in Brazil, Dealers Dog.

“My venture into self-publishing would have been a total disaster had it not been for the excellent and timely professional support provided by the GCG Digital Publishing staff. I contacted numerous publishers and GCG had the best price and the organization made me feel as though I was one of the family. They guided me through the entire process and my books were ready in record time. Proceeds from my book sales were presented as they advertised. Even though this was my first attempt at being an author, my book made the ‘top seller’ list on several occasions with GCG’s assistance. I would wholeheartedly recommend GCG to any fledgling self-publisher and even the seasoned writers.”
Mr. Al Woodall II, Author
Eclectic: Realism

“As an engineer turned publisher, I maximize profit by publishing books that conform to industry standards. So when a client needed to expedite the printing of 4″ x 6” booklets for teachers, Power Ushering Students Higher Steps for Success, I expected a long lead time and excessive print costs. I called Jill Mettendorf at GCG. With her expert guidance, not only did the books arrive in plenty of time, they were top quality and well within the project budget. Thanks, GCG, for helping Queen V Publishing make another author’s dreams come true!”
Valerie J. Lewis Coleman, CEO of QueenVPublishing.net

“I worked with GCG back in 2008 to publish a short book on employee stock options. I was impressed with their excellent customer service and reasonable prices. Their customer service representative walked us through the process step-by-step, asking any questions and responding to ours promptly so that we could receive our finished product quickly.
I will definitely work with them again, and would recommend their services to anyone who wants a few thousand copies of their own book.”
Dawn Siemer
Michael Gray, CPA, Author Employee Stock Options: Executive Tax Planning