Children’s Book


5 FREE copies of your book with your order of fifty or more 8.5 x 11 perfect bound or saddle stitched books. Mention the code WEB FOR CHILDREN to your Publishing Consultant when you place your order.

Every avid reader has a favorite children’s book.


The memories of that beloved book last for a very long time and are so dear that adults can be found in used bookstores and online looking for a copy of that long lost book. Your book has the potential to influence a lifetime of reading. Make sure that the book you have written will be there when the young reader becomes a parent ready to read the book again to their own child.

Your children’s book will probably be a full color book. It should be of a size and price that is appropriate to the children’s market and you should be planning advertisements that will help alert parents and grandparents to the existence and value of your book for their child or grandchild. If you plan on a limited market emphasize that this is a special book, not available everywhere, a unique possession.


-Choose your book size before you or your illustrator begin creating the illustrations. 8.5 x 11 is a portrait format, 11 x 8.5 is a landscape format, and 8.5 x 8.5 is a square format. The same illustration will not fit well in all three of these formats. Altering the illustrations after they have been completed can be costly or not give the effect you had hoped for.

-Be aware of the various challenges color printing can present. Ask your GCG Publishing Consultant to send you “more than a few words about color.”

-If you intend to sell your book in bookstores, familiarize yourself with the variety of sizes, bindings and prices most common in children’s books. It can be challenging to produce a full color book economically enough to compete with mass produced books created by large publishing houses.

-Make sure the language you use is grammatically correct and clear, especially if you intend for your book to be purchased by schools and libraries.