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Are you…
A genealogist?
A contributor to the history of your family, organization or community?


Your work is valuable. You provide the threads of reality that are often missed by professional writers of history and yet prove immensely valuable in times to come.

Recently a book, handwritten by a former slave Hanna Bond in the late 1800s, was sold at auction for $3,500. It was typeset and published in 2002 by Grand Central Publishing. Henry Louis Gates, one of the nations preeminent scholars of African-American history said in an interview, Words cannot express how meaningful this is to African-American literary studies.

Your words, your point of view, your knowledge of particular events, matter to the people who come after you as well as your current audience. Make sure your voice is heard.


Authors writing histories or genealogies often find that the 8.5 x 11 format is best for displaying scans of old documents, maps or genealogical charts. Smaller formats can accommodate these items by making sure that the documents take up the entire page and horizontal images are placed sideways to ensure the largest size possible.

Sepia tones in older photos will create a warmer tone to your book but must be printed in color in order to retain the look of age. This will add to your cost but may be worth it to convey the age and value of the material contained in the story you are telling.

Don’t forget to plan for an index. Assigning the proper code to indexes when you are working on your manuscript is invaluable to saving you money in the production of your book.

Check and recheck the spelling of proper names, titles, and geographic locations.