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Navigating Difficult Conversations with Grace and Empathy Difficult conversations are, well, difficult. They can range from disagreements with a colleague to family conflicts or confrontationsread more...
Big Political Words People Use And What They Mean <p><h4>If you listen to political pundits, you hear them constantly labeling people based on their politicalread more...
Big Words People Use & What They Mean <p>I listen to a lot of podcasts, and I’ve noticed that certain commentators enjoy using big wordsread more...
March 20, 2019

Using Direct Mail In Your REI Marketing Mix

Who doesn’t do direct mail? Almost every successful real estate investor uses direct mail as a key element of their marketing program. It is a fact
January 30, 2019

How Much You Need to Spend on Marketing

What do we know? We do a lot of mail for real estate investors and we find a large percentage of those clients do not understand